Who Is Lamont Land Inc.?

Lamont Land Inc. has a well-earned reputation for doing things a little differently, from our first subdivision to our upcoming projects. Efficient planning to best utilize the land, forward-thinking design to enhance communities, and environmental stewardship that respects the land – these are our hallmarks.

Lamont respects land and people. That’s our business philosophy, and it is reflected in everything we do. Every decision we make in developing a new community is carefully considered from the end user’s perspective: a homeowner. Would this be a good place for a park? How can this playground accommodate older children as well as younger? How can we make this neighbourhood more affordable?

Because the decisions we make will affect the lives of many families, we take particular care to ensure that the land is developed to its best potential, to create communities families are proud to call home.

By first respecting the land, we can create better living spaces. It’s not enough to sit in an office and develop land on paper. We aren’t afraid to get our boots dirty, getting to know the land. That hands-on approach – and the inherent respect we have for the land – makes better, more efficient, and economically sound developments.

What can we do for you?

Land Owners

If you want to sell or discuss a joint venture, you’ll want to choose a developer that respects your land and your community as well as the bottom line. If you want to make the most of your land please click here.